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User info storage is actually a critical part of the Android app creator workflow. It allows you to shop app-specific consumer preferences, settings, and favorites. In addition, it protects that information coming from being lost when a individual replaces their device or perhaps upgrades into a new a person.

User-specific data storage can be bought for applications that target SDK versions of 6. 0 or higher. This kind of permits the system to automatically back up your app’s info to Google Drive and encrypt it for safe-keeping.

It also preserves your app’s data if your user updates to a new device, or carries out a oem reset by using an old an individual. When this happens, the system automatically restores your app’s data http://virtuadata.net/ from Google Drive.

Keeping your data secure is important for your users. You are able to keep your info safe by simply securing this with passwords or simply by limiting that can access it.

The storage strategy depends on the info that you’re storing and exactly how often it takes to be reached. For example , if you’re likely to need more data to get a more complex iphone app than for the simple email-based client.

For that reason, you’ll want to consider the type of info you’re keeping and if it needs to be accessible across multiple devices or perhaps across various kinds of networks. In that case, you can choose storage method to use.

This is not a comprehensive guide to the various options for individual data storage available on Android, but it should give you a start.